Fiberfox Fusion Splicers

We are the regional partner of South Korean Manufactured Fiberfox

Full service and maintenance capability

Fusion Splicer Service and Maintenance

We are proud to be manufacturer approved
for Fiberfox Fusion Splicers and other solutions

Test And Measurement Solutions

SYNCE installation and integration

High Bandwidth test solutions

Expertise In Its Field

Egeist Technology adapts its expertise to the services it provides in line with your needs with the solutions it provides. Customer satisfaction and success is an inevitable result of our technical expertise.


In all of its solutions, the perfectionist approach and the importance it attaches on details helps Egeist Technology to ensure customer satisfaction for many years.


Egeist Technology analyses the requirements of its customers and aims to offer the most required solutions and the most suitable prices in line with their needs. Customer satisfaction is its priority.

Products & Solutions

You can see our products and do shopping safely from this section. Payments are effectuated through 100% secure iyzico infrastructure which is used by hundred thousands of people every day. Credit card information is not saved by any means in our website. You can use with confidence.


As Egeist Technology, we are specialized in industrial test and measurement processes, training programs and product solutions in Telecommunication sector. We aim to add value to the service qualities of our customers with the devices of which we carry out the maintenance, sales and trainings.
We have established a maintenance solution cooperation and personnel competence improvement programs with our competent engineer and trainer staff. We are continuing our journey that we started in 2008 and we are feeling the same excitement for each of our customers as we did for our first customer.

  • Fiberfox Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers

    Performance is its job; you just prepare your cables and leave the rest to it.

  • Test and Measurement Solutions

    The test and measurement solutions preferred by the world and used by brands such as EXFO-Viavi

  • Broadband Telecommunication Training Services

    Solution oriented applied technical trainings that will improve your field performance and that will make your field problems no more a “PROBLEM”

  • Repair and Calibration Services

    Service processes for telecommunication devices of high-end technology

  • Ai HPC Providing

    High capacity processor power providing for artificial intelligence learning process

  • NTP-PTP Synchronization Solutions

    High sensitivity NTP and PTP solutions provided by Spectracom

Our Services

Our Training Services

Broadband telecommunication trainings, CD-PMD Trainings, Fundamentals of Fiber Optic Trainings, HDAi (Hash Directive Artificial Intelligence) Trainings, Fusion Splicer Operator Trainings, Fiber Optic Test Processes Trainings

Artificial Intelligence HPC Providing

Our HPC center with a capacity of 2.7 Gh/s in total is rendering services in İstanbul Ataşehir. Our HPC center does not operate as mediator, but direct Hash generator. You can contact us for high speed cloud render projects and artificial intelligence learning processes.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers Service and Calibration

Our service center established for Fiberfox fiber optic fusion splicers render services for all Fiberfox fusion splicers operated in Turkey and Middle East. Our service center has full competent manufacturer approval certificate.

Synchronization Solutions

We are rendering installation service to all GSM operators in our country with our high-sensitivity PTP and NTP solutions. We are operating as the integrator of high-end technology synchronization solutions developed by Spectracom and RAD.

Fiber Fusion, Test and Measurement Supplier

We carry out the distribution and post-sale process managements of many brands such as Fiberfox, Viavi, Albedo, O.W.L and Exfo.

Data security solutions for your customers

With our data and process access logging solutions, we ensure your full compliance with regulations.