Fiberfox Fiber Optik Ek Cihazları

Performance, economy and powerful technical services

Your efficiency will be improved with the fusion suppliers designed by the South Korean manufacturer Fiberfox prioritizing price and performance efficiency in particular.

Fiberfox and Limitless Training

Fiberfox owners receive free of charge operation training when their devices are delivered. These trainings are certified by Fiberfox Korea and the certificates are valid worldwide.
If you are a member of the Fiberfox users family, you may limitlessly benefit from these trainings. In the case that your employee who has received training no longer works for your company, your new hire employee may attend the trainings and start competently using your Fiberfox fusion splicer regardless how old your device is.

Fiberfox and Extended Warranty Packs

Fiberfox fusion splicers are under manufacturer warranty for 2 years. The warranty covers any spare part change and labor fees. If you would like to have an extended warranty period, you may contact us for extension warranty packs.


Fiberfox fusion splicers are translated in accordance with the sectoral technical terminology.


All service operations of Fiberfox fusion splicers are performed in Turkey by us.


Fiberfox fusion splicers have two identical li-ion batteries. The accessories such as vehicle charging kit and stripper are included to the standard kit.


Fiberfox fusion splicers are dust and water proof at IP52 level. They are fully suitable for using in outdoor environment.

What are the details of Fiberfox Turkey Organization?

Egeist Technology is the main distributor and service center for all Fiberfox devices.

Can Fiberfox fusion splicers be repaired in Turkey under any conditions?

All service requirements are carried out in Turkey by us. Fiberfox fusion splicers are not sent to South Korea for repair under any conditions.

What happens in the case that they cannot be repaired in Turkey?

It is not possible to be unable to be repaired in Turkey; however, if an unforeseeable situation occurs, the respective device is sent to one of the other service centers with all expenses borne by Egeist Technology. In such case, Egeist Technology undertakes that it shall not demand any additional fee except of the service fee.

What are the Warranty Coverage and its details?

All spare parts of Fiberfox fusion splicers and the service operations to arise from the substitution of such parts are free of charge within the warranty period. The batteries are out of warranty coverage in accordance with the EU Directives. Strippers and cutters are out of warranty coverage.

What is the average service period?

The average service period for Fiberfox fusion splicers is 3 business days upon the delivery of your device to our service. Should such period exceed 3 business days for any reason, our service of providing a new device is provided free of charge.

Do you render the service of providing a substitute device in case of lack of spare parts?

All spare parts that may be necessary for Fiberfox fusion splicers are always available in the stocks of Egeist Technology. Should the service period is prolonged due to lack of spare parts, a substitute device will be provided to you free of charge by Egeist Technology until the completion of the service period.

What are the maintenance and calibrations periods for Fiberfox fusion splicers?

As Egeist Technology, we advise you to send your fusion splicers to our service for maintenance and calibration at least once every year or at 10,000 fusions. The maintenance and calibration services are rendered free of charge during the warranty period. After the warranty period, the maintenance and calibration operation of your fusion splicers to be sent to us in clean condition is carried out with a fee of 50.-USD.

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