PTP (Precision Time Protocol), SyncE (Synchronous Ethernet) and NTP (Network Time Protocol) solutions: We are providing the necessary synchronization information for your backbone network with the products we are the main distributor of. We are providing key delivery solutions with our 15 years of experience in the field of synchronization. We have been providing the operators with support for 15 years in our specialty fields such as installation, acceptance, tests and failure identification of synchronization devices. We are the distributor in Turkey of PTP-NTP- SyncE solutions developed by the USA based brands such as Spectracom, Albedo Telecom and RAD. We carry keeping back-ups with our synchronization solutions operated with references such as GPS, SAASM GPS and multi-GNSS. You can determine the product capabilities according to your needs with our modular structure. Your network will always be punctual with our high performance NTP server solutions.